Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boycott Arizona

Deadly vipers,
rattling-saber snakes,
slither in these sands,
stalking innocent natives,
born unto this land.

Icy fingers perching,
like vultures in the sky.
They take away your liberty
then hang you out to die.

There’s a new Sheriff Arpaio in this town,
ready to shoot you down,
legalizing injustice,
because your skin is brown.

Grand Canyons of intolerance,
the scorpion of hate,
           it stings your mind,
           it makes you blind,
look out, it is too late.

Sun-drenched hypocrisy
           at 110 degrees,
blaming victims for their plight,
they call it democracy.

These vigilante cardinals,
this Phoenix of despair,
go back unto your ashes,
the devil awaits you there.

Pitchfork at the ready,
shotgun at the hip,
you say you’re patriotic
on your delusional tea-bag trip.

Wrapped up in your flag,
howling at the moon,
afraid of your own shadow,
what a bunch of goons!

You want to dictate all the rules?
Well, here’s a new one for ya.
We’re not taking it anymore.
Boycott Arizona!