Universal Healthcare

Universal Healthcare

You can call me whatever you like, but let’s discuss this rationally. You see, I consider Universal Healthcare as something that simply makes common sense. However, I just met someone today, who said to me, “I don’t want to pay for anyone else.” As if any one of us is an island.

Does anyone out there even understand what Universal Healthcare is about? It means that we get the best healthcare in the world – the same healthcare that your Senator and Congressman receives – that’s what it means.

It means that you no longer have to pay that Premium Tax every month to an HMO. It’s fiscally sound for both individuals and small business owners.

Even if, … even if we had to create a Social Security type system to pay for this – by charging Social Security Tax to all income earned up to $500,000 – that would cover it. And in the final equation it would cost us a lot less – up to 50% less.

Let me say that again, we can all have healthcare and get a tax cut too, just by cutting out the middle man. But wait, what if we raised it to the first million, why not? That could provide funding for lots of social services.

And still people – those who would benefit the most from this system – are ready to go up in arms to stop it – for what?

I mean, it makes no sense – have they got us so divided that the Have-Littles are fighting the Have-Lesses over the crumbs?

We have everything – all the resources, the doctors, the medical supplies – right here in our communities and we are told that we cannot make use of them when in need. How sick is that?

And what are we fighting for – so our insurance companies can decline our coverage, right when we need it the most? So that pharmaceutical companies can charge us ten times the fair price on drugs – I would not be so deluded as to call what they sell medicines – these drugs that create horrendous side effects and addictions?

Is that what we’re all fighting for, Capitalist Care?

I know a woman – a former Republican – who came down with cancer and had her home stolen from her, because the insurance company refused to cover the treatment and she didn’t have the money to pay.

She says that she used to be hard – that she didn’t understand that it could happen to her – to any of us. No one should have to experience that. She now lives on the streets and is only one of many stories out there.

Universal Healthcare saves lives and the life it saves just may be yours.

So screw the insurance companies!
And screw the pharmaceutical companies too!

We don’t need them.

And if you really … if you really don’t want to pay for someone else’s healthcare, then stop paying for theirs.

From a Letter Received:

Hi Mark,

It is timely that you sent this today - just last night a friend was talking about healthcare as she had read a poem at an event around the issue. I am not that familiar with the universal healthcare movement, but it sounds alot different than the Obama "health insurance plan" as I call it. Under universal healthcare I would be required to have health coverage and my employer would deduct from my pay to cover it (like they do now in my case), is that right? I wonder how this would work for small business owners who currently can't afford health care on their own. Sounds good in any case.



P.S.  I come from the Insurance capital (CT) and my aunt and uncle in the east bay here are both doctors. I have thought that insurance was insidious business for a long time myself - it is gambling on people's health - literally - and it is frankly quite scary considering how much power and money the insurance companies (and pharmaceuticals) have now.

Hi Sarah,

Actually Universal Healthcare works a lot differently from insurance. I lived in France for 10 years where they have the real thing. If you get sick - you go to the hospital and they treat you - free of charge.

If you have to see a doctor - any doctor - it cost $20 for the visit. Under the system there the government (paid through their taxes) covers about 75% of all healthcare costs. Any type of major procedure is fully covered.

There is no employer payment to pass on. The only role the insurance companies have is what they call supplemental insurance (which covers the small part the government doesn't - for preventive screenings and tests).

What we got stuck with here is Mitt Romney's plan (a Republican plan) that forces everyone to buy insurance from a company - insurance is not the same thing as healthcare. Insurance is a piece of paper that says you've complied with the law. Healthcare is the actual treatment you receive when you're sick.

Hope this explains it a little better.