Friday, October 30, 2009

Constipation on Route #2

Sitting in the driver's seat,
with one thing on my mind,
to get to my destination
before the end of time.
Suddenly I'm sitting there
and spot trouble up ahead.
The road is blocked, nothing's moving,
I should have stayed in bed.
Try to turn off, but it's too late,
my wheels are caught in glue.
Traffic's dead, my car is stuck.
There's constipation on route #2.
Flipping on the radio
to find out what's the matter.
I turn the dial, hoping to smile,
instead it gets me madder.
I hear a story on the news
that takes me by surprize.
Even though he's done nothing to earn it,
Obama's won the Noble Peace Prize.
Oh fuck! I say.
How can someone be rewarded
when all he does is sit on his ass
and go back on his word?
I sniff the air, it smells like gas,
it just might be a turd.
Quick I change the station,
I need to turn the page,
thunder clouds are up ahead
and my bowels are in a rage.
Inching forward, here we go
trudging through the mud.
There's a movement in my gut,
I just hope it's not a dud.
Suddenly, I hear the news
a cow has stumbled onto the road.
Cars are backed up for miles,
with no where left to go.
I push ahead, there is no choice,
I'm already where I'm at.
Stuck in traffic
down on the road,
all backed up,
ready to explode,
trouble up ahead,
with no where to go,
just sitting and waiting,
to dump this heavy load.

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