Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Love my Country, but Not so Much my Government

My Country is a Beautiful Idea
an Image from Long Past in my Forgotten Childhood Memories
a Love I Long to Seduce
a Hope for a Better Life
a Promise of a Better World
a Dream that I Reach Out to Caress
to Breath in and Hold
with a Gentle Sigh.

My Government is Shit.

My Country is a Flower in Bloom
like a Woman in June
her Petals Open Slowly
exposing a Soft Shoulder
or a Line of Delicate Flesh
that Makes my Heart Beat Hard in my Chest
a Passionate Schoolboy
ready to Come in his Pants.

I Love my Country

My Government is Shit.

My Country is a Brother
to the End
that Stands By me
when I Need a Friend.
My Country is the Better Life
the Open Prairie
the Bird in Flight
the Outstretched Hand
the Crash of the Tide
the Wind in my Hair
the Sweat on my Brow
and the Taste of her Lips.

My Government is Shit.

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