Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mark Lipman

Poet – Publisher – Community Organizer

Unlike many candidates, I am not, nor do I care to be, a professional politician. I’m an average person who is smart enough to know that the government-as-usual has mismanaged our budget and is leading us in completely the wrong direction. We fund police and prisons and wars abroad, before things like education, housing, health care and job creation here at home. Simply by reversing our priorities, by holding the banks accountable for the reckless destruction of our economy – by things like stopping foreclosures; by providing the needed social services and properly funding our schools – investing in our children’s futures; by investing in needed jobs - we can both reduce crime and taxes at the same time.

I am not partisan. I belong to no party. I simply represent the average person who has to work and struggle just to scrape by in this world, who simply wants to help create a better, safer, more just world for us all to live in.

Once we realize that we’re all in the struggle of life together; that ensuring the necessities of society is the government’s primary responsibility – that we must fund our communities – for the benefit of us all, then we will be heading in the right direction.

That is what’s in my heart and if you vote for me, that is what will shape the decisions I make while serving you.


  1. Mark,
    May I be one of the first to congratulate you for running
    in the upcoming election. Our Country and State definitely
    need someone like you with all your talents to put us in the
    right direction. We don't need politicians that play games
    with our political parties and took in big cash from special
    interests and Corporations. I know you will speak your mind
    for the interests of the little people, the evaporating middle
    classes and the very poor. Let organize and take back our
    country from the very rich and powerful who want to take it all
    from us . We should be able to win with our number because
    there is only 0.03% of them. Every vote counts.

    John Choy

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