Monday, August 24, 2009


Official Reports

By: Mark Lipman


Contrary to the police report

You can eat love

It is a reciprocal dish

Best served for two

Full of nutrients that help keep

You going throughout the day.

One alone however

Could never get their fill

It's funny that way

This feast or famine world


But government documents have proven

To be wrong in the past

According to the official reports

The CIA and Dick Cheney

       never lied


So why should I not believe

That if you loved me

I would be full

Gorged out on happiness


Government employees

Seldom know anything

Let alone everything

With all their inaccuracies

And false statements

No one can know for sure

Or be held accountable

For misleading my heart

To the American people


Where is the independent commission

To study the facts

And determine conclusively

Just how closely related

The events of our separation

And this empty feeling in my gut

Really are


Who is to say that

If you offered me your lips

All these statistical falsities

Would not be blown out of the water

That every restaurant

Across the nation

Would be shut down

From a single kiss


When the whole truth be known

In open court

That yes,

You do look good enough to eat.         

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