Sunday, September 6, 2009


The Last Thing I Remember

By: Mark Lipman 


The last thing I remember

Before the world fell apart

Tumbling like the shrieking

Cries of falling flesh

From 110 stories up

Exploding into rubble

Splattered upon my windshield

On the last day

Of my peaceful memories

When the alarm bells rang

Waking me from my naive childhood

At the very instant that

Life as we knew it

Would change forever

When nothing would ever

Be the same again

With the fate of everything

Hanging in the balance

Like an unexploded cluster bomb

In a child's hands

Just waiting to be turned

The wrong way

As our dreams and nightmares

Collide, fusing into one

Like two souls

On some unsuspecting crossroad

Catching that hint of recognition

Waiting in the other's eye

Knowing that this singular moment

Would change the course of history

I opened up the letter that you sent

To read the words:

                             I love you


I will never be the same again

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